Why is Recycled Polyester Not Being Considered Better than Virgin Polyester by Some Experts

This article covers on the reasons why recycled polyester is not considered better by some.

Recycled polyester is not considered better than virgin polyester for several reasons:


Recycled polyester may not have the same quality as virgin polyester. Recycled polyester is often made from post-consumer waste, which can contain impurities and contaminants that can affect its quality and performance.


Recycling polyester is often more expensive than producing virgin polyester. The cost of collecting, sorting, and processing post-consumer waste into recycled polyester is higher than producing virgin polyester from raw materials.

Limited Availability

The availability of post-consumer waste for recycling into polyester is limited, which can affect the production of recycled polyester and its cost.

Energy Consumption
Recycling polyester still requires energy and resources, and it is not as energy-efficient as producing virgin polyester from raw materials.

Market Demand

Despite its environmental benefits, recycled polyester has not yet been widely adopted by consumers and industries, and the demand for recycled polyester is still limited compared to virgin polyester.

However, despite these challenges, recycled polyester is gaining in popularity as consumers and industries become more environmentally conscious and demand more sustainable products. Advances in recycling technologies and a growing demand for recycled polyester are helping to make it a more viable option in the future.