Cotton Fabric

100% Cotton Fabric Manufactured in India

  We manufacture high quality (mill-made) cotton fabrics from 10s to 100s count. Our shirting products range between 40s count to 100s count fabric. Our bottom weight fabrics range from 10s to 40s count. Our cotton fabric products include:
  • Cotton spandex (including Lycra)
  • Cotton polyester & Polyester Cotton
  • Cotton Rayon Blends (Including viscose, modal, & tencel)
The product range includes bleached, dyed (including Reactive & Vat dyes), and printed fabrics. We are capable to execute large runs with fewer lots than industry average due to better technological availability and more stringent process controls. We offer a number of specialty finishes for cotton fabrics including mechanical and chemical finishes. Our mechanical finish includes peaching (Lafer) or emorizing finish. We offer a wide range of chemical finishes from leading suppliers including water repellent, oil repellent, stain-guard, anti-bacterial, fire-retardant, etc. For more details on running qualities, price, and delivery times please contact