Quality Control Systems

At MI Industries, being customer centric means that quality needs of our customers are met the first time fabrics are rolled out of the mill. Customer requirements of first time right & speedy delivery mean that fabric quality requirements are met at each production stage. Over the years, number of quality systems have been developed at our mill to meet customer requirements.

Audit & Standard Operating Procedures

Our customers value production consistency and most of our customers work with us for very long durations. Consistent products ensures ease of business, reduced wrong lots, & lower variations in manufactured product. To accomplish these requirements, our in-house audit team run round-the-clock audits of standard practices & parameters of each department. Variations are reduced during each audit & SOPs are strengthened helping prevent any larger mishaps.

Check Points

To prevent failures in the final product & deliver right the quality at a fast speed, each fabric goes through minimum 94 checkpoints during the manufacturing process. These include “during product” checkpoints and quality check points to assure quality of manufactured products. In case of failures, these are attended “right there” and “right then”. 

Testing & Laboratories

Our in-house world class conditioned laboratories ensure that your technical parameters are met and well tested before fabric rolls out of our mill. All laboratories are compliant with independent laboratories & results are co-related numerous times a year. Our range of fabrics have evolved over time on meeting requirements of various brands.


Quality Assurance

Our customers are global and fabrics are delivered to factories across the world. Hence, it is essential for us to assure quality to our customers post delivery. Our quality assurance team helps solve any customer query which may arise on receipt of our fabric. Our quality assurance department focuses on timely revert to customers. Further, quality assurance teams maintains all inspection & quality records to quickly understand customer queries.