About Us

We aim to be the fastest textile mill with complete production transparency for Woven Fabrics.

We Are Passionate And Enthusiastic To Solve Problems Faced By Our Customers-Apparel Brands & Garment Manufacturers.

Continuous Manufacturing at MI Industries

Our Story

The start (2015)

Our journey began in 2005, when we ascertained the need for a quality Indian mill in the woven apparel sector. We identified that customers needed balanced infrastructure, professionally run operations, & fully compliant factories.

The company was setup in 2009 with the sole idea to be one of the highest quality ranking mills with a wide product portfolio to satisfy wider needs of customers. The manufacturing operations commenced in 2015.  From the onset, mill achieved excellent results on product & soon the company started scaling up while consistently manufacturing quality woven textiles in India.

The Pivot (2020)

In 2020, with more experience in the industry & our passion on solving customer problems, we started understanding larger customer challenges. Our customers were haunted by delayed deliveries & slow timelines while the world was demanding speed & dexterity from the Indian manufacturers.


In 2020, we refocused our mission to become the fastest textile mill in the world. Our customers are tired of delivery times, extensive follow-up, and mill visits to ensure transparency. They need modern manufacturing with cloud computing & click of a button answers. They need suppliers who can enable their businesses to scale & deliver the much-needed profitability.


We have been able to cut our lead times drastically, increase delivery certainty & give customers complete transparency in to our manufacturing operations. However, our plans are bolder so stay tuned to find out more.