Transparent Status on MI View

Get Live Status on A Click

Customers can view the status for their samplings & orders live on MI View. Status on MI View is live meaning you always get the right status without a doubt. MI View is linked to our actual production & hence always correct.


MI View application is available on mobile phones, tablets, and computers accessible anywhere from the world.

True Status

The MI Live View being linked to our actual manufacturing systems always show the right status. Customers can rely on these for planning down-the-line production activities. 

Save Time & Energy

Our customers save immense time & energy using MI Live View. They are able to quickly check current order positions without having to call, e-mail, follow-up, and mail. The best part is that these statuses are live and can be checked anytime from anywhere.

One-Stop Shop

Customers are able to find all information for current and old orders on MI Live View. Whether it be packing lists from last season or ongoing sampling status. No need to scramble over email chains to find useful data.