Agus: Anti-Viral Fabrics

Agus is an Anti-Viral solution built into workwear to assist industries in providing “a virus-free environment” for their workforce or to deliver a safe product to their consumer. Agus workwear solutions neutralize viruses and increase level of protection for your employees and customers.


Agus technology enables workwear such as as gloves, uniforms, shoe covers to be able to neutralize viruses and render them ineffective. Traditional solutions such as hazmat suits are either unusable for most industries or only limit transfer while acting as a hotspot of virus. These viruses can survive for long durations while assisting the virus to contaminate other surfaces.


Agus not only acts as a barrier, but enables the workwear surface to neutralize these viruses and hence makes PPE and life more secure. 



Agus is available and suitable for hospitals, industries, government institutions (police, civic bodies, army), and consumer fashion labels.


How Does Agus Work?


Agus comprises of numerous leading technologies in anti-viral solutions which are based on attract, capture, and neutralize functions.


Once the virus is in proximity to workwear, Agus attracts the virus through a positive charge. Once the virus, comes in contact with the surface Agus is able to lock the virus by reacting with the virus protein. Hereon, the virus’s membranes begins to disintegrate rendering the virus to be ineffective. Further, Agus Extreme uses accelerants in helping the virus to disintegrate at a faster rate.





1) Has this been tested on Coronavirus Covid 19?

No. These technologies have been tested on numerous viruses including Influenza A, Coronavirus 229E (similar in structure to Covid 19), RSV, and Avian Flu. We are not able to conduct tests on Covid 19. We have yielded good results in similar viruses such as Coronavirus 229E. The functionality of neutralizing the virus remains the same.


2) How has Agus Anti-Viral Technology coincided with Covid 19?

The solution and technologies to manufacture anti-virus textiles have been available but less researched previously. Given, the current outbreak such technologies are perceived to more affordable and hence becoming mainstream. 


3) If our organisation invests in AGUS Anti-Viral technology can we be 100% protected against viruses including Covid 19?

Certainly not. However, you can reduce transmission and risk of contracting the virus. 


4) Is Agus relevant only to health professionals?

Agus technology is relevant for all people. Health professional, industrial & office workwear, policy & army uniforms, school uniforms, and fashion clothing all are incorporating Agus.


5) What is Agus Vacuum and do I need it?

Agus Vacuum is most relevant for professionals in high exposure areas where they can come in contact with body fluids. Agus Vacuum forms a barrier layer for fluids to transfer through the surface. This reduces exposure of workwear uniform to contaminations and further protects liquid transfer.


6) What do I need to ensure while procuring anti-viral uniforms/workwear?

Not all solutions are the same. Further, there are discrepancies in available technologies across industries. Agus technology is based on heavy research and application testing. These are not plug and play technologies which can be relied upon. Further, certain protocols need to be replicated to ensure that underlying research is valid for delivered product.