Polyester Cotton Woven Fabrics

  • Do you need 100% compliant PC manufacturer with 100% product testing?
  • Are you fed-up of poor delivery times for PC Woven Fabrics?
  • Is your existing mill troubling you with shade balancing, shade matching & dyed shade lots?
  • Are you facing challenges with fastness such as nylon staining on muti-fibre?
  • Are you facing failures such as pilling & shrinkage in your existing PC Woven Supply?

Our textile experts will be with you within 24 hours to help you with Polyester Cotton Woven Fabrics.

Manufacturer of Polyester Cotton Fabrics Will Save You Money & Head Ache

No Limitation on Fastnesses & Dyes

MI is versatile to deliver various combinations of dyes whether it is for VAT, High Wash Fastness, or for specific requirements such as Nylon Staining.

Reduced Color Lots Means Faster Cut Plan

Highly streamlines & controlled production with continuous technology allows MI to deliver you reduced variations in Polyester cotton fabrics.

Save Air Freights & Over-Time with 20 Day Delivery

With new & improved deliveries from MI, polyester cotton fabrics are manufactured in 20 days so you do not lose sleep over delays & air freights.

Large Orders is No Problem

MI has high throughput production for polyester cotton fabrics which enables 200K orders to be delivered in similar timeline. MI is your partner to scale.

Leave Your Fabric Stress with MI Experts

MI's textile experts have self approved hundreds of million meters for over 1000 customers. This incudes technical finishes such as DWR, stain release, & wrinkle resistant.

Long Length Dyeing at Super Fast Speed

MI's High-Tech setup constitute varied technologies which enable polyester cotton fabric dyeing production of single shade at 60,000 meters per day without changing lots.

Transparent Deliveries, No Need to Track

Do you want to save your & team's effort in tracking and chasing polyester cotton fabrics? Take advantage of MI View System which enable live tracking of your PC orders.

Save Stress from Fastness & Testing Issues

MI exports PC fabrics to numerous countries & is exposed to strictest standards. MI bulk fabric complies with all testing & you can be assured of right quality.

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