Special Functions of Military Uniform Fabrics by MI Industries

MI Industries can offer you specialized functions and finishes for military uniform fabrics.

Below functions & finishes can be offered by MI Industries to their customers for for military uniform fabrics:

Fire-resistant: This helps to prevent the spread of fire, providing added protection and ensuring the safety of the wearer.

Infrared protection: This provides protection against infrared detection, reducing the risk of enemy detecting your movement in outdoor environments. 

Water-resistant: This makes the fabrics resistant to water, providing added protection and keeping the wearer dry in wet weather conditions.

UV protection: This provides protection against the harmful effects of UV rays to army personnel in long exposure to sun rays. Further, this helps to prevent fading and ensuring that the uniforms maintain their appearance for longer.

Anti-microbial: This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, providing added protection and promoting hygiene. Typically army personnel do not have easy access to washing during active duty. This can ensure better health and avoiding key skin diseases.

Odor-resistant: This helps to reduce or eliminate unpleasant odors, keeping the uniforms fresh and hygienic even after extended periods of wear.

Wrinkle-resistant: This helps to prevent wrinkles and keep the fabrics looking neat and wrinkle-free, even after repeated washing and wearing.

Static-resistant: This helps to prevent the buildup of static electricity, reducing the risk of sparks and fires and improving safety.

These specialized functions can be applied to MI Industries’ military uniform fabrics to provide additional benefits and features to meet the specific needs of customers. By offering these, MI Industries is able to provide a more comprehensive and customized solution for their customers’ military uniform needs.