Selecting the Perfect Spandex Fabric

Stretch fabrics are more complicated and less understood. You can learn about how you can choose the right specifications to make the sourcing process easier.

Discover the complexities of cotton spandex fabrics and learn how to choose the right material for your project. Here are some key properties to keep in mind:

Stretch Percentage

Cotton spandex fabrics can stretch anywhere from 12-50%, depending on manufacturing processes and cover factor. Communicating your stretch requirements to your manufacturer can help deliver you the right stretch.

Spandex content: More spandex content does not mean more stretch. Focusing on the stretch percentage rather than spandex content is important. For example, having a few well-functioning rubber bands is better than many stretched-out ones.


This refers to the fabric’s ability to stretch and not be pulled back by spandex after stretching. Conducting growth tests in a lab using the proper protocol & equipment is essential.


To produce the right quality garment, cotton elastane fabrics must have controlled shrinkage.

Specialized Spandex Yarns

Consider using specialized elastomeric yarns, such as dual-core, to reduce growth and provide a more consistent stretch effect.

We hope these insights help you make informed decisions when it comes to cotton spandex fabrics.