MI View: With Transparent & Live Status, MI Industries Creates A New Vision for the Fashion Industry

MI Industries takes lead in solving key customer issues under Industry 4.0.

The essence of the fashion industry is the innovative and interesting fabrics that are used to appeal to the changing tastes of consumers. However, innovations & newness haunt one of the largest industries as it wishes to standardize production and seek efficiencies. Large garment factories & brands are constantly deploying resources to ensure that the supply chain doesn’t crumble under the weight of changes & innovations. This is only exacerbated by long supply chains spanning the globe.


At MI, we understand that fashion will always attract newer fabrics & innovations. Further, supply chains are only becoming longer as new garment destinations offer better pricing, duty structure, or opportunities for social benefits. Hence, the solution is a highly structured textile mill with 100% transparent operations which can be accessed from anywhere in the globe.


With the vision clear to us, we have set out to make transparent manufacturing a reality. With more than 5 years of hard work, structural changes, & employee training we are finally at a stage where we are able to show our customers the real face of our manufacturing. While this means our faults are quickly exposed, but it also means that customers get critical data allowing better planning. Moreover, customers have given us an overwhelming response as this was a key trouble point in their sourcing operations.

How Does MI View Work?

Customers can access MI View on a web application that can be accessed from any mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Customers can view various segments of sampling & bulk orders. Data points include various dates associated with that order such as receipt date, production dates, FOB send dates, packing dates, dispatch dates that seek to offer transparency. Further, customers can also access critical documents pertaining to their order such as invoices, test reports, packing lists, tracking numbers, LR numbers. This enables quick customer service for various needs of the customers. 


The best part is that MI View is totally decentralized & operated on the cloud. This means that MI View is obtaining information from different areas and compiling to give the customer a very unique experience. The information on MI View is always up to date.


How Does MI View Vary Drastically from Traditional Operations?
Traditionally, marketing teams have relied on Production Planning Team to update them with status required by the customers. A typical request is forwarded to PPC, which is updated and sent back with the last updated or available status. In the best-case scenario, the customer gets varied status after 2 days of follow-up. In the worst case, the customer gets factually incorrect status & is corrected only when deliveries get severely delayed from the planned timeline.

MI View powered by cloud computing links our customer application directly with our manufacturing operations & data. Whenever the customer opens the application, fresh data is fetched from the cloud with the most recent updates from our manufacturing. No contamination is possible from PPC or marketing, hence giving quite a high level of certainty to our customers.

Even as invoices or test reports are being generated, our proprietary systems are automatically connecting the dots & providing the customer critical information in an easy to access manner.

How Does the Customer Benefit?

Our customers incur a huge cost for non-streamlined fabric manufacturing. They house huge fabric inventories to prevent lines from running dry in case any shipment is delayed. Factories spend huge amounts to expedite fabric from mills in case of problems. Further, sometimes they even have to air these garments to meet their deadlines. All factories employ huge fabric planning and technical professionals in departments to keep a close eye on the raw material. Sometimes even flying them globally to reduce the element of surprise.


With MI View, we wish to target the largest global brands looking for highly streamlined fabric manufacturers. Customers can heavily rely on our systems to deliver them on time with 100% transparency. Our customers can expect to reduce costs & increase profitability as risk is reduced & communication is severely improved. Further, with broad supply chains, all stakeholders can be equally updated reducing inefficiencies. Further, with more confidence in their supply chain, brands are able to reduce excess inventory and order in real time.

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