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Do You Wish You Could Choose the Right Fabric Mill Without the Stress?

  • Do you want fabric where deliveries & status are completely transparent?
  • Do you need easy to cut fabrics which are not held for troubleshooting?
  • Do you need great looking & feeling fabrics to create differentiated garments?
  • Are you tired of coordinating for deliveries & delays? 

Our textile experts will be with you within 24 hours to help you.

MI Industries Will Save You Costs & Increase Profits

Decrease Dependence

MI View delivers the capability to your company to manage mill operations very easily, reducing your dependability on employee skills.

Save Air Freight

MI View enables easy detection of delays & problems very early on enabling path correction before it is too late.

Save Over-Time

Overtime results from delays & poor planning between fabric & manufacturing. With MI View Your Planning Team Can See in Real Time.

Get Real Info In Time

MI View provides you with real time information of sampling & bulk orders without any

Better Customer Relationship

Customers have too many options. If we are not on the top of our game, then good chances we won't be playing next season. MI View powers your company to stay in the game.

Become Scalable

Fabric supplies are preventing your company from scaling. MI View enables your fabric management to scale while reducing management cost.

Save Employee Costs

Following up fabrics has led to huge fabric teams to order, negotiate, track, visit mills, on spot approvals, troubleshooting, relationship managers. Why?

Get Back to Your Business

More than 87% of owners & C-Level Executives in garment factories are troubleshooting. We aim to relieve you, so you can focus on what you do best-make profits for your business.

We are happy to talk to you.

If you are still wondering if MI View is for you, then leave your details below. Our textile experts are here to help you figure out the best solution for you.

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