Agus Anti-Viral Textile Solution for Fashion Brands

Agus is an anti-viral technology trying to solve the below problems for fashion brands in today’s time:


  • Agus makes garment trials more sanitary and reduces risk of virus infection by neutralizing 99.9% virus in less than 10 minutes
  • Agus enables you to sell your product range in a time when fashion is not selling
  • Agus enables your fashion brand to enter a space of personal protection gear while delivering the same styling which is loved by your customer
  • Agus has potential in new product ranges which did not exist before such as anti-viral gloves, masks, cover shields


Agus can be supplied in all our regular product range including the following woven fabrics:

  • 100% Cottons in Tops & Bottoms
  • Cotton Elastane in Tops & Bottoms
  • All Rayon Products Including Viscose, Modal, & Tencel
  • Polyester and blends including Cotton Polyester


Does it really work?

Yes it does. Seems simple and it is.


What is the wash durability?

Wash durability for Agus protection is 15 washes which can be pushed to 30 washes. For Agus Ultra protection up to 50 washes might be possible varying case to case.