10 Mistakes Apparel Brands Make When Choosing Fabric Suppliers

Deciding on fabric mills while keeping the rest of the team & leadership on board can be a tough task. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Here are some common mistakes that apparel brands make when deciding on fabric suppliers:

Not researching the market prices for fabrics
In changing markets not being aware of reduced fabric prices and falling trends can lead you to overpay for reduced prices

Not considering fabric quality
Focusing solely on cost without considering fabric quality is an old advice. Not  considering quality, you pay lower prices for poor-quality fabric not giving you any advantage

Neglecting to consider environmental and social responsibility
Sourcing from non-compliant factories can lead to ethical and sustainability issues causing many brands and factories to face public humiliation

Not building relationships with fabric suppliers
In challenging industry situations, you can advantage of opportunities such as discounts and special deals on fabrics offered to close customers by mills

Neglecting to communicate effectively
Often misunderstandings and errors take place in the order & delivery process due to poor communication

Not considering lead time
Delays in fabrics & increased costs due to expedited shipping are caused due to ordering too close to deadlines while not effectively considering the fabric production timeline

Not being aware of regulations
Not being aware of import/export regulations and customs duties can lead to unexpected costs and legal issues

Ambiguity in order specifications
Always ask for a proper fabric specification datasheet to avoid losses. Using ambiguous terminology or industry trade names can lead to suppliers delivering lower-specification products.

Not Providing Testing Requirements
Not providing test requirements before order placement can lead to failed fabrics and losses which your supplier can refuse to adhere to if not provided well before order closure.