Faster Manufacturing Means Lower Overheads & More Profits for Our Customers

Our fabric deliveries are industry-leading with over 90% compliance. Our manufacturing times & delays are expected to reduce continuously with time giving you an increasing competitive edge.

Days Bulk Delivery
Days for Strike Off
Days for Lab Dip
Days for Sampling

Apparel Brands reduce costs & increase profits using MI faster & consistent deliveries

  • Increase profits by hitting new fashion trends on-time & increasing “full-price” sales
  • Reduce end-of-season dead stocks by reducing over ordering & reordering using our 20 days replenishment deliveries
  • Save time & effort in liaisoning between garment factories & mill by avoiding delays
  • Reduce sales loss due to loss of garment production slots due to fabric delays
  • Reduce garment costs by opting for factories in different (far-off) regions due to faster fabric manufacturing

Garment Factories Save Costs & Increase Profits Using MI Faster & Consistent Deliveries

  • Reduce labor costs by saving overtime due to on-time deliveries
  • Reduce garment air freight costs & expedited fabric shipping costs
  • Reduce fabric inventory by avoiding fabric pre-ordering
  • Reduce costs on fabric management, follow-up, & tracking
  • Increase business with better customers by offering faster & consistent deliveries
  • Increase customer loyalty by improving delivery performance