Join the MI Team

“At MI Fabrics, we look for ambitious and motivated people to join our team. We require educated and experienced personnel who can responsibly carry out company operations. We look for team players who can work with people coming from different backgrounds and professional fields.”

Please send your resume to We will contact candidates who meet our requirement.


Manufacturing Plant: District Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

  • Located 70 KMs from Greater Noida
  • Located 85 KMs from Noida
  • Located 32 KMs from Aligarh City
  • Located 7 KMs from Khair

Residential Facilities: Company managed bachelor’s accommodation is available at the plant. Family accommodation is available in Khair, Aligarh, & Greater Noida. School & Hospitals are available in Khair and other close by cities.

Head Office: DLF Phase1, Gurgaon, Haryana