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Premium Woven Fabrics
Dyed Fabrics

I Fabrics dyes a complete range of high quality woven fabrics in various fibre types and constructions. Our range includes dyed cotton, polyester, lycra, lyocell, modal, viscose, linen, and tencel ranging from 40 GSM to 400 GSM in weight. Our fabrics are dyed with precision using modern pilot plant facilities and precision continuous dyeing ranges.

Printed Fabrics

MI Fabric printing product range includes reactive printing, pigment printing, discharge (VAT & pigment) printing, disperse printing, and resist printing. We print one of the highest quality printed fabrics in India with utmost precision and accuracy. We can print up to 15 colors in a single print.


MI Fabrics delivers multiple chemicals and mechanical finished. In chemical finishes we can deliver water repellent, oil and stain guard, fire retardant, super soft, soil guard, etc. In mechanical finishes we currently provide peaching/emorizing finish. All fabric conforms to international finished fabric specification in terms of residual shrinkage, dimensional stability, and bowing.

We manufacture a diverse range of woven fabrics enabling us to service our customers from end to end ensuring better logistics and line of sight.

About US

High Quality Textile Manufacturing in India
Deliver high quality fabrics using best technologies & processes to empower the clothing supply chain.

MI Fabrics was established with the sole idea of delivering the highest quality fabric for the upper-segment of the garment industry. The ultra-modern textile mill has the ability to deliver fabrics including cotton, viscose, modal, polyester, spandex, tencel, and blends.

MI focuses on having the leading men, machinery, & material to achieve our goal of highest quality fabrics. Our focus on quality control and assurance while manufacturing ensures that we manufacture high quality products while reducing defects at the source.

MI Fabrics’ textile products include bleached, dyed, and printed fabrics. Our extensive infrastructure and technical team enables us to manufacture diversified textile products. Our research and development facilities with a constant focus on improvement ensures that our quality standards stay up to date allowing us to stay ahead of the quality curve.

Our production processes, standard operating practices, and quality assurance is aligned to manufacture quality fabric every time. MI Fabrics state of the art sampling and testing facilities provides good sample to bulk reproducibility. Further, highly controlled procedures enable bulk reproducibility time and time again.

Our NABL certified physical & wet laboratory ensure standardized result testing. Strong testing procedures and the latest testing equipment ensure that our results correlate with other independent testing facilities.

  • Total Capacity

    125,000 meters/day

  • Printing

    60,000 meters/day including reactive, pigment, disperse, and resist

  • Dyeing

    65,000 meters/day ranging from cotton (blends), viscose, modal, tencel, linen to ployester


MI Textile Product Range

High Quality Woven Textiles

Cotton & Spandex Blends

Woven Fabric, 70 GSM to 350 GSM

Rs.85 - 245

  • (Including blends of lycra, polyester, linen, etc.)
  • 10s to 100s Cotton Count
  • Includes High Stretch Fabrics (Power/Ultra Stretch)
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Special Textiles

Woven Linen, Modal, Tencel

Rs.90 - 275

  • Linen (blends), 100 - 350 GSM
  • Modal (blends), 50 - 250 GSM
  • Tencel (blends), 40 - 180 GSM
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Woven Fabric, 40 GSM to 250 GSM

Rs.45 - 175

  • Premium Dyed & Printed Fabrics
  • Blends including Cotton & Viscose
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Woven Fabric, 60 GSM to 300 GSM

Rs.80 - 155

  • 30s Viscose
  • 60s Viscose
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